Fairtrade: Design a computer game competition!

Dubble, the fairtrade chocolate bar has launched a band new competition to help get students involved in Fairtrade.

The challenge for you is “to come up with an idea for a computer game that inspires players to get on the case for fairtrade and help change the world, chunk by chunk!”

Story boards and entry forms can be downloaded on the Dubble Click site.

For further details on how to enter the competition see the following from the Dubble Click site:

  1. Storyboard
  2. Game Creation
  3. Enter Now


1st Prize: the winner will get their game idea turned into a real game by professional games designers at Atticmedia and it will be featured on the Dubble website – they will also visit the Atticmedia studio to see the game design progress and approve their design.

Runners Up: professional designed and framed static image from their game.

(Both first prize and runners up winners get Dubble Chocolate goodies!)

Try some of the existing games on Dubble and the Comic Relief site (remember though your new game needs to be based around the idea of fairtrade and encourage / inspire players to get onto the case for fairtrade!):

A few fairtrade links to help you think about the issues you could bring out in your game:


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