“The Great Flood” – June 2007

Severe flooding in England and Wales over the last few days has sadly resulted in the loss of 3 lives and 100s of people have been forced to evacuate from their homes. Although the weather is reported to be set to ease, with saturated soils and rivers at or over maximum capacity, many areas are still under high alert. In South Yorkshire, hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes due to fears that a dam wall may be set to burst due to the pressures exerted following the torrential rain. The floods have already caused widespread disruption, with schools being closed, homes flooded and roads being bought to a standstill causing travel chaos.

Mr Pinks has produced this excellent presentation to show the effects of the floods on people, landscape and businesses.


Save our Earth!

This short video looks at environmental issues and their impact on the world and asks you to think about what you can do as an individual towards trying to help save our environment!

Why not use the comment function to add your opinions on the issues covered in the video? (thanks to Ollie Bray for the original link)

The Amazon ‘v’ The Nile

The River Nile has always been regarded as the longest river in the World at 6,695km but new claims by researchers in Brazil put the Amazon at 6,800km making it the longest river in the world. This claim is just the latest in the ongoing debate over the longest river in the world. Find out more in this BBC article.

Good Luck to all students with exams!

Good Luck to all students taking exams at the moment. The Year 11 paper today seemed very fair and hopefully next week’s Year 11 skills paper will also be – happy revising and good luck! To all Year 13 students who have their Geography exams starting next week – best of luck and remember to e-mail if you need any help or have any questions. I will keep updating the blog for you as and when.

Good Luck! from all in the Geography Department