California devastated by the spread of Wildfires


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California has been declared a major disaster zone by George Bush with the biggest US evacuation since Hurricane Katrina taking place as people flee the devastating wildfires in seven California counties. The situation has been made worse by the annual Santa Ana winds which are helping to spread the fires by dispersing burning embers, turning the tinder dry vegetation into burning infernoes. For a full updates on the fires and photographs / video footage, explore some of the links below.




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Study Geography…

The Royal Geographical Society have launched an excellent new site “Study Geography” to support those that are keen to go on to study Geography at University. As well as providing information on geography related careers it provides links to geography departments and help and advice on choosing courses and also provides advice on making a successful application. Many thanks to the RGS for this invaluable new resource!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

A key issue if we are going to protect our environment for future generations. A short YouTube video with a very important message! You will be quite amazed by some of the facts in here!

(Thanks to S Sumner for pointing out this link)

Typhoon Krosa strikes China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan have been hit by Typhoon Krosa, a powerful storm with initial winds of 126km/hr and reaching up to 185km/hr in parts of Taiwan. Airline flights have been cancelled, schools closed and on China’s SE coast up to a million people have been evacuated from their homes. For more details of how typhoons form see this animated guide from the BBC.

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