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Year 9 Options – GCSE Geography

The new subject options for Year 9 going into Year 10 have now been launched and the parents/carers curriculum evening is on Thursday 24th January. Year 9 will be watching the new Geography GCSE launch video in lessons this week to get a better understanding of what the GCSE Geography course entails. We will also be talking through the powerpoint below with both students and parents / carers.

If you have any questions please see a member of the geography department, pick up our GCSE leafet, see the Geography and careers display in N21 or of course visit our online home at

Remembering the 2004 Asian Tsunamis

At the end of last term Year 9 were studying the causes and effects of the Asian Tsunamis disaster in which over 100,000 people died on boxing day 2004. Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of the disaster and still, 3 years on, 40,000 people who lost their homes to the tsunamis are still living in temporary shelters. Indeed to mark the anniversary, the Independent have published an article called “The Big Question: 3 years on from the boxing day tsunamis, have the countries recovered?” It is easy to forget that reconstruction is still going on and indeed there is still lots more to do, despite being over 3 years since the disaster itself.

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Year 9 students have been working on poetry based on the Tsunamis disaster and examples of students work will be published on the Year 9 pages when the work has been handed in during the first couple of weeks back.

The following poem was written 2 years ago by a year 9 student, with the disaster still very much fresh in our memories.


“Who could have forseen the devatastion that came with the sight of the horizon painted with white?
The unsuspecting holidaymakers relaxing carelessly on the beach as the roaring waves crashed closer and closer
Fear filled their hearts as the waves slammed into the coastline destroying all trace of the living
The screams of the dying drowned by the thundering of the waves
Their desperate cry for help forever playing in the minds of those who survived
Who is it that decides whether you should live or die?
Yet still the wave descends upon the innocent, wiping their homes and lives away with one sweep of its watery arms, flattening anything which stands in its path
The capable run from it, animal instinct replacing all other thoughts
Whole cities and towns are obliterated, wreckage and ruins are all that greets the rescuers
A little girl lies asleep cuddling her teddy, her angelic face smiling up at the sky, oblivious to the destruction that surrounds her, she lies so peacefully as she is laid to rest
But who is there to mourn her as her coffin is lowered into the muddy ground?”

Isabelle (Year 9 – 2005)