England shook by Earthquake! 27th Feb 08

So did you feel the earthquake last night? Just before 1.00 am last night an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale struck, with the earth tremors felt by people across the UK, including Yorkshire, E Anglia, South East, the Midlands and part so of Wales! The epicentre of the earthquake was near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. So how do earthquakes happen? Well if you are in Year 9 or above you should know about earthquakes already – but it is worth reminding yourself using these two excellent guides, one from the BBC and another excellent one from the Guardian which explain the cause of earthquakes.

For many people this is the biggest earthquake they have experienced (and for many their first!), in fact this is the biggest earthquake to have struck the UK since 1984.

News Articles on the Earthquake:
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BGS – Press Release – 27th February – Earthquake hits the UK (British Geological Survey)
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Initial USGS report on the earthquake

Video Clips:
The Moment the Quake hit (BBC News)
Residents reactions to quake  (BBC News)
Seismologist on Tremor  (BBC News)