GCSE Revision

Year 11 and the VI form Geographers are now on countdown to their summer exams. I will be posting links to support the VI form AS/A2 exams over the next few weeks. As a starting point for Year 11 here are a few resources from BBC Bitesize that may help you with your revision. Keep checking back for further links to GCSE revision resources which will be posted here.

Bitesize TV – the popular Bitesize revision programmes are to be repeated in April – you will need to set your video recorders though as they are on very early in the morning!

Bitesize Revision BBC TWO – GCSE Bitesize Geography

  • Global Issues 26 APR ’07 02.00 – 04.00 120 minutes
  • Human geography 25 APR ’07 02.00 – 04.00 120 minutes
  • Physical geography 25 APR ’07 04.00 – 06.00 120 minutes

Geography Audio Topics – the BBC have recently published some podcast style audio clips to help with Geography Revision – they can be downloaded here.

The Bitesize Geography Homepage with revision on a variety of topics can be found here (don’t panic if you see topics here that you haven’t covered – remember different exam boards specify different topics – only look at those you know we have studied).

Thanks to Geography – You’d be Lost Without it for the heads up on the TV schedule!