What is it? Globalisation refers to the increasing social, economic, political and technological global interconnectedness.

Finding out more.. Year 8 have recently looked at this term in their studies of chocolate and the fairtrade industry and indeed started to consider the role of globalisation in the Fashion Industry through their study of a pair of jeans and all the different countries and stages involved in their manufacture. Year 13 will also have been studying globalisation but at a higher level.

For GCSE and A’level students, this excellent new site from the BBC world service explores the ideas behind Globalisation through four case studies, including the Fast Food Industry and what they call ‘the global music machine’ – find out more about how western pop music is listened to and sold around the world and get an insight into the power of the fast food industry and the influence that companies such as McDonalds have on the lives of those producing food and those consuming it!

For those of you in KS3, this site from Global eye provides an interesting insight into Globalisation and has some great case studies on the Global Fashion Industry and The Sugar Trade – which may well be useful to those of you still working on your Fairtrade projects to help explain what is meant by globalisation and interconnectedness.